Extreme couponing

I know this topic may not relate to a craft but it is helpful to post.  Recently i have started extreme couponing and you wouldn’t believe how much i have saved.  The most so far has been $170 and i spent $132.  Yes it does take a lot of time but the websites out there […]

Moving with out the hangover.

Moving with out the hangover.

When it comes to moving i would say i have had quite the experiences since i have moved 5 times now in 4 years.  The good the bad and the expensive.  I just want to jot down things that i have learned to make things easier and if i forget with the next move i […]

The impossible to shop for.

The impossible to shop for.

My boyfriend is impossible to shop for around the holidays.  His wish list totals the cost of a new house.  Which nor myself or anyone in our families can afford.  Also it seems like everything i plan on getting for him he runs out and purchases before i can get it for him.  So this […]

Burlap, Mesh and Muslin treeskirt

12 Days of Christmas Crafting Day 1

For my first craft of the holidays I made a No Sew Tree Skirt.  What i purchased for this project was a new glue gun and plenty of glue sticks.  This project calls for an assortment of materials.  I found a heavy burlap, i think it was actually industrial grade material.  Which i what i […]

Being creative....

Being creative….

So I guess I Am a procrastinating blogger. I’m doing all these projects and I am not sharing. . So this project happened on a spur of the moment creative splurge. Janette and I decided we were going to make chalkboards. Well $60 later for each of us and a few hot glue gun burns. […]

What is the point?

So I am a single mother who’s escape from everything is through a little cock-tailing and crafting.  I got this great idea (not so original)  that the things that I make people might want to see.  So i presented my idea of blogging all of my things that really don’t have a point but yet […]