Extreme couponing

I know this topic may not relate to a craft but it is helpful to post.  Recently i have started extreme couponing and you wouldn’t believe how much i have saved.  The most so far has been $170 and i spent $132.  Yes it does take a lot of time but the websites out there are amazing and the authors i wish i could hug.  I usually spend around 3-4 hours clipping and planning my shopping trip and another 2-3 hours shopping.  I do have a son and i know that he would go crazy if i brought him but it gets me out of the house and gives me the retail therapy that i so much deserve.  The one that i mostly use is pocketyourdollars.com which is local to Minnesota.  The author posts for most stores that take coupons.  I have found that the best deals are at Target.  I saved a fortune around Christmas and Easter getting toys for under .30.  Now what do i do with all of the savings.  Well it funds my craft projects which i have a ton to post and fill you in on what i have been doing.  If you do not live in Minnesota there are many blogs out there that you can find on pinterest and google.  I strongly recommend taking the time.  i have found that it is worth every minute.  With the savings i usually shop at Joann’s  i have found that they take multiple coupons.  I have shopped at Micheal’s and they only let you use one of the single item coupons and sometimes they have 20-30% off your purchase at regular price.  there are quite a few things that Joann’s does not carry that Micheal’s does.  We just got our first Hobby Lobby and i have yet to explore that store.  But i am planning on getting there soon!  So take the time and challenge yourself to the game of savings.  Also with the coupons i only get the necessities.  Being in an apartment i can not stock up like some people do.  I would have to rent storage if i went that route.  But i save on everything that i usually buy and that makes it all worth while.  So good luck to you and share with me your success!

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn June 26, 2014 at 11:44 pm | | Reply

    Thank you, Stephanie, for this website! pocketyourdollars.com

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