What is the point?

So I am a single mother who’s escape from everything is through a little cock-tailing and crafting.  I got this great idea (not so original)  that the things that I make people might want to see.  So i presented my idea of blogging all of my things that really don’t have a point but yet some how bring me joy and cost me alot of money, to my boyfriend and now here I am!  But I am going to take this a different kind of route.  Yes i can make things and post them and promote them on pinterest (which i spend hours on)  But what is the point if what i am trying to do is show off my ideas but then we got an idea.  So here is what i am going to be about…..  (at least try, so who knows where this little adventure might end up?)  I am going to  craft drunk!!!!  Dun da Dun da.  Now who would want to see that you ask.  Well a favorite youtube channel of mine got me insprired.  So i thought if that is popular and funny than i can definately get drunk and make crafty stuff while getting drunk (which most of the time i am but only this time I am going to film it!  Thats right.  Step by step instructions on picking the right beverage for the craft occation and some very inspirational ideas for crafts.  Now crafts is a broad topic.  my goal is to try things that i have not done before.  almost like a mythbusters kind of deal.  Can the average Joanne make this craft that looking at reviews and videos makes it look so easy.  Well i am going to  let you know and while i am at it i am also going to rate the projects on a cocktail rating.  1 being mildly creative and very easy.  5 being difficult to do with out more drinks. So let’s see where this goes!

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