Being creative….

So I guess I Am a procrastinating blogger. I’m doing all these projects and I am not sharing.

20131024-163712.jpg. So this project happened on a spur of the moment creative splurge. Janette and I decided we were going to make chalkboards. Well $60 later for each of us and a few hot glue gun burns. This is what we ended up with. I’m quite proud with how it turned out. But I will never spend that much on a hunk of wood ever again. So we went to Joann’s for supplies. We found the wood and the chalkboard paint that was the easy part. We hit up the scrap booking isle and my gosh was it hard not to spend more. We ended up going in Dutch and splitting most of our treasures. Joann’s really has a lot for steampunk theme. My son even wanted his own set of keys and thought they were really amazing. He’s only 6. So on a whole the project was easy I give it 4 wine glasses but a “do not drink during purchase process”.

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