The impossible to shop for.

My boyfriend is impossible to shop for around the holidays.  His wish list totals the cost of a new house.  Which nor myself or anyone in our families can afford.  Also it seems like everything i plan on getting for him he runs out and purchases before i can get it for him.  So this year i am going to play a little game with him where he chooses his gifts and he makes the decisions about what he will receive and if he does not like what he choose it is his fault.  Now you are probably wondering how this is going to work.  Well today i gave him two options.  Fuzzy or Squishy.  Now just starting this with him he was a little confused and had no idea what i was up to.  He said that if it were fruit snacks he would want them squishy.  He told me my plan was fundamental flawed.  I think in the end me may get it and maybe have a lot of fun with this rather than me just getting him exactly what he wanted.  So we will see where this goes.  Also when i present him with his gifts they will be labeled on the tags with what this option was.  So keep posted after Christmas to see what he actually chose.

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  1. Grammy
    Grammy June 26, 2014 at 6:04 pm | | Reply

    So, what did Danny get from you??

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