Moving with out the hangover.

When it comes to moving i would say i have had quite the experiences since i have moved 5 times now in 4 years.  The good the bad and the expensive.  I just want to jot down things that i have learned to make things easier and if i forget with the next move i can look back on.  So as far as what i have experienced in moving.  My first move was splitting from my ex husband and transitioning from living at my brother’s house into getting my own 1 bedroom apartment.  I had a small amount of things that all fit in my car that i had at my brothers so that was the easy part.  Now my ex husband thought he would be a doll and box everything up and put everything on pallets and store in the garage.  I did not move them out until a couple of months later so everything had plenty of time to soak up all that moisture and mildew and i basically had to through everything away that i could not clean up or wash.  Very frustrated with that move.

The 3rd move was moving in with my boyfriend.  Now he was coming from a bedroom that he rented and i had a whole apartments with everything that we needed.  So combining was a breeze and we didn’t need to purchase anything because between us both we had everything.  However we did take the costly route to move.  We doubled up on our three locations for rent.  His house that he was renting a room in without notice was put on the market to sell and everyone needed to be out within a week or two.  (good thing we had already found a place)  So we moved him in first.  We then had a month to move all of my things in.  Car load by carload so not a big hassle other than gas expenses.

After that we were up in the air whether we wanted to move when the lease was up or not.  We did put in our notice but we were still contemplating staying.  We decided 3 weeks before our lease was up that yup we were moving.  plumbing issues, mold in the kitchen and constant car break ins sealed the deal.  We found a new apartment and moved in a week and a half.  Completely unprepared and not packed basically throwing things in boxes not knowing where anything was when we got it to the other apartment.  Very frustrating move and would never repeat this move.

Well due to finances we are faced with moving again and trying to cut our costs in rent but still find somewhere that we still like and feel safe in.  We gave our 2 month notice and this by far has been the most stressful time finding a place that i like without “settling”  We’ve looked at 20 different apartments and lost 3 that we liked and now we found on that we liked and put down the deposit then they came back to us stating that they would like a full months rent up front for the deposit.  Totally unprepared financially for that.  But we will make it work.  Now with this move i am going to do things differently as far as packing and moving.  So i have come up with some tips that i want to share that i have learned.  So here it goes.

1. Ikea blue bags are your friends.  We have moved 3 times now using those big blue ikea bags.  At .59 a piece how could you go wrong.  (our week and a half move we basically loaded the bugs up with whatever and dealt with the mess when we were at the other apartment)  Not repeating that but would not be with out those bags.  Pack up your whole linen closet, all of the odd-shaped games, my sons entire Lego collection, and all of the clothes, jackets and shoes.  Works Great!

2. Purge while you pack.  I have learned throughout the moves that I keep moving stuff that I have never touched since the 2 apartments back.  So with having plenty of time to pack sensibly I pack a couple of boxes or bags a night and after an hour or so long debate with my boyfriend we decide if we keep it or donate it.  (I’ve already made two trips to good will with my trunk full)

3. Don’t move in 1 day if you can help it.  So stressful and you’ll be homeless for a couple of days. Need i say more.

4. Pack all of your necessities last.  Shower stuff and toiletries, towels, toilet paper and paper towels, and a couple changes of clothes.

5. Move your lamps last.  We moved in and set up the bed and that night realized that there were no lights in the bedroom or living room and all the lights we had were at the other apartment.

6. Get a floor plan.  If you are moving into a different apartment and you are downsizing or the layout is different (living room is a big angle).  I am a designer so my natural instinct is to draw the floor plan to scale and layout how everything is going to be placed.  This can also help in knowing if everything you own is going to fit.  It is the worst moving it all and then having to get rid of something and moving it out again or having a home that looks cluttered.  If you are not a designer what you can do is take the measurements that they say the rooms are and draw the walls to scale by having every 1/4″ be a foot.  then measure all of your furniture using the same scale and voila’ design your space.

7. Label everything and pack by room.  If you have friends helping you they are not going to read your labels. but if you keep all the rooms together packed and move the fragile items your self, you will reduce a little bit of the stress.

8. Moving with pets.  If you can find a friend that would not mind some furry roommates for a week or so see if they wouldn’t mind taking care of them.  I have 2 cats that have to be in everything and one of them escapes when doors are open.  If you don’t have someone nice enough to watch your babies there is an alternative where they can still see all the action without getting in the way and escaping.  Set up a tent without the rain fly and put in their food, water, beds, scratching post and litter boxes oh and don’t forget to put them in also!

9. Hugs.  You’re probably thinking what does this have to do with moving.  Moving is stressful and there are fights and things that get broken and stress.  Just remember to hug your hubby because this is just a temporary stress and soon things will be back to normal.  This is more needed when you are packing and moving yourselves, but if you hire someone to move your things,  hug them because they just saved you a ton of stress and headaches.

And the last best tip ever!!!



10.  Buy a house so you don’t have to keep doing this!


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